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Rainbow Six Extraction drops new lore trailer ahead of launch

by: Henry -
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Ubisoft North America dropped a new trailer today for their upcoming game Rainbow Six Extraction that sheds some light on the in-game lore.

The trailer features Dr. Elena "Mira" Alvarez, director of REACT R&D in an audio log entry, as she talks about the chimera parasite.  The Rainbow Six organization has created a new unit dedicated to face this new threat. We see a unit of operatives infiltrate an infected base, gathering information about the evolving threat. Some enemy types have also been revealed, such as the Lurker and the Apex. 

Rainbow Six Extraction releases January 20, 2022 on Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia and PC via the Ubisoft Store and Epic Games Store. The game will also be available on Game Pass via Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, and PC.

Friends can play free for up to 14 days with Ubisoft's Buddy Pass.

Check out the new lore trailer below: