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Pinchcliffe Grand Prix now available in European territories

by: Russell -
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Recently Zordix Publishing released Pinchcliffe Grand Prix for the Nintendo Switch in a couple of territories. Pinchcliffe Grand Prix is based on a 1975 Norwegian stop-motion film and features a mix of mini games and high-octane races. Zordix Publishing has announced today that the game will now be available on the Nintendo Switch eShop in most European eShops.

UPDATE: Pinchcliffe Grand Prix now available in additional territories! 
Publisher Zordix, developer Ravn Studio, co-producer Rock Pocket Games, and Invictus Games will release Pinchcliffe Grand Prix in additional territories for Nintendo Switch today. The charming mix of mini games and high-octane races will be available in all European eShops (excl. France) later today.
Pinchcliffe Grand Prix is also available for PC on Steam. 
Also known as Flåklypa Grand Prix, Pinchcliffe Grand Prix is based on one of the most widely seen Norwegian films of all time. Because of their many similarities, the movie's most iconic race is even rumoured to be the inspiration for the pod-racing sequence in George Lucas' Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.
Developed in close collaboration with Caprino Filmcenter, Pinchcliffe Grand Prix tells the legendary story with a charming mix of mini games and high-octane races!
The game is a spiritual successor to the PC and Nintendo DS hit with the same name, which has sold over 380 000 copies in Norway alone. Beautifully recreated in Unreal Engine, it is now making a grand comeback in full 3D to send Theodor, Sonny, Lambert and the other villagers on their iconic adventure: 
Take part in breathtakingly fast Races! 
Use various cars from the Pinchcliffe universe and race to the finish line, alone or with a friend in split screen. But watch out for dirty tricks by the other contestants, or retaliate using your own. 
Play Mini Games! 
Earn points and unlock parts to build the famous car Il Tempo Gigante from the movie! Race down the track on Solans tricycle, collect flowers while avoiding angry bees as Ludvig and much more. 
Enjoy the engaging Story Mode! 
Following the events of the original movie, you will help Theodor build the racing car Il Tempo Gigante. Can you make it all the way to the top of the podium in the Flåklypa Grand Prix?