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New Legacy Inc's Royal Rumble Marathon kicks off tomorrow

by: Nathan -
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New Legacy Inc, a group who creates content based on pro wrestling videogames have announced that their bi annual Royal Rumble Marathon, the Royal Rumblethon will kick off very soon. 

This time though New Legacy will be doing things differently. For past marathons they would show all 31 Rumble matches over two days. This time they will stream a single Royal Rumble match every day throughout the month of January. The winners of the 30 Rumbles from January 1st - January 30th will then be entered into the final Royliest of Rumbles on January 31st to determine the winner. 

They also put together an amazing "Rumble by the Numbers" video package with stats from their previous marathons including who has the most wins, most eliminations and more. Check that out below. 

The 2022 New Legacy Inc Rumblethon kicks off tomorrow January 1st on their Youtube channel.