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Saddle up for a Gaming Nexus Show about horses, and other stuff

by: Elliot -
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Eric was once again allowed to pick the topic for this week’s show, he went with horses. We somehow found the gusto to put out three segments, some a little closer to the horse culture than others. We begin with a little end of the year chat about our favorite games of the year. Eric starts us off proper with a tale about a knee replacement, and the game he will forever tie his recovery from it to. Elliot is joined by friend of the show Scott, of the Budget Arcade Podcast, to talk about horses and videogames. They both break down and end up talking about World of Warcraft. Finally Eric tests Joe's knowledge about the Atari era of video games.

If you want to skip around (that’s totally fine with us) here are the jumping on points for this week’s segments:

4:40 Favorite games of 2021
15:32 Eric and Red Dead
25:42 Elliot and Scott talk mounts in games
41:52 Eric and Joe Atari trivia
1:17:00 Next episode’s topic

Be sure to check out Scott’s podcast Budget Arcade, you can frequently hear Elliot as a guest.

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