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Medieval Dynasty is way more fun than I thought it would be

by: Eric -
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Medieval Dynasty has been floating around my Gaming Nexus email inbox for several months now, but I've not found time to give it a shot until today. Described as an open-world survival sandbox RPG, the game puts players in the shoes of a young farm worker on his own in the world after his entire family is killed in "the war". With nowhere else to turn, the poor guy tries to find his near-forgotten uncle, and winds up finding an entire community to be a part of.

Mixing RPG questing and story elements turns out to be an extremely engaging recipe for a game. I hopped in this morning, and after a brief period of not understanding the very simple game mechanic "overburdened", I was able to construct a tidy little house for myself, listen to a few tales of my uncle, and rob every house in town. Not bad for a couple hours work.

Medieval Dynasty is much more fun than the muddy slog that I expected. The world is bright and cheery, and the population of the little town I'm in is surprisingly warm and welcoming, even after I punch one of their geese to death. (Note - one cannot punch small children in Medieval Dynasty. I tried, for science.) Apparently, I'm going to end up building an entire little town, with villagers to do my bidding and a wife and everything! Pretty excited about where this all could go.

My experience is split into two videos, the first where I wander into town, punch a goose, and become accustomed to the game's controls and mechanics:

The second where I build a house in the dark and go on a stealing binge:

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Medieval Dynasty is out now on SteamEpicGOG.com and the Microsoft Store for £26.99/€29,99/$34.99. A deluxe Digital Supporter Edition is also available, featuring the game’s original soundtrack, a digital world map, a digital artbook, a Medieval Dynasty History Video, a set of 4k wallpapers and more.