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Bring your work home with The Company Man

by: Elliot -
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I’ve never worked in a traditional office setting, but after seeing how The Company Man projects it to be I may need to switch career paths. “The Company Man is a classic action platformer inspired by the popular TV series "The Office". You play as Jim, a young salaryman starting out at the Good Water Company. Unsatisfied with how the company is run, Jim sets out to overthrow his boss and become the CEO. Launch email attacks against coworkers with a powerful keyboard, run and jump across departments from Human Resources to Marketing, boost up with coffee beans, and show them who's boss!”

Armed with an upgradable keyboard you can explore seven corporate departments all with hand-painted backgrounds. When you feel overwhelmed you can stop by and have a coffee break to fill back up with caffeine, which will boost your health and stamina. Another key feature is the ability to choose your difficulty level, for when you feel like you have a case of the Mondays.


The Company Man will be out on Switch in early 2022. It will then be on PlayStation & Xbox some time after that.