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Deflector: Specimen Zero is a fun mini-roguelike you can play for free on Steam

by: Eric -
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Arrowfist Games is gearing up for the Q1 2022 release of its game Deflector, a mix of roguelike mechanics and bullet hell gameplay. To help give players an idea of what to expect from Deflector, the team at Arrowfist has released Deflector: Specimen Zero on Steam. 

Deflector: Specimen Zero feels like more than a demo. Rather, it's a self-encapsulated mini-roguelike, complete with non-linear progression and a fun learning curve. I hopped into the game for a half-hour, and though this isn't at all the sort of game that I play, I had a blast getting a feel for the controls and early enemy types. The promos say that the demo will likely take players a half-hour to complete, which makes me think that it would likely take me around two hours or so. I would love to watch someone that is actually good at bullet-hell games try this one out (I'm looking at you, Games N Moorer). 

According to a recent press release, "Deflector will land fully armed with a free-form upgrade system to create an incredible number of powerful weapon combinations. Wreak havoc with explosive clones, shake enemies to the core with a vast ground rupture or multiply deflected projectiles back at your enemies - all to the beat of Deflector’s blood-pumping heavy metal soundtrack." But this small taste offers prospective players a juicy way to check out what Deflector will offer right now.

Deflector is available to wishlist now on Steam. Deflector: Specimen Zero is now available to download for free.