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New Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection physical edition now available for pre-order

by: Eric -
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A couple of newer iterations have kept venerable 80s video game franchise Boulder Dash in the public eye. Boulder Dash is one of those properties that seems to hibernate for a few years, but it always resurfaces. A fresh coat of paint, the same addictive gameplay, and Boulder Dash fans head straight back to the caves.

Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary, released in 2014, boasted a physics upgrade and 10 playable characters, bringing the franchise in line with modern gamers' expectations with 280 (!) new levels. And Boulder Dash Deluxe - released earlier in 2021 - featured a full visual redesign, with fresh graphics and a load of modern touches. And, of course, another couple hundred new levels. 

A new physical edition is launching on Nintendo Switch, collecting both of these enormous games into one package. That's right, Boulder Dash fiends, Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection will give you over 400 levels on one little Switch cartridge. That should keep you busy for a while. 

For more information - and to preorder the physical edition of Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection - check out the game's official website here