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A new GTA Online story drops next week

by: Russell -
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People joke about how many generations of consoles that Grand Theft Auto V has been released on but GTA Online is still going strong. December 15th will see the launch of The Contract, a new GTA Online story featuring Franklin Clinton and his new "celebrity solutions agency" F. Clinton and Partner which caters to the elite of Vinewood who are in need of solutions to high-society problems. Problem is Franklin needs two things to get started: a reliable partner and a high-profile client. You can probably guess that you're the partner in F. Clinton and Partner. The client? Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre's phone has fallen into the wrong hands and contains the hottest property in the city: new unreleased music from Dr. Dre himself. Well, you needed a high-profile client and I'd say this fits the description pretty well.