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Trailer out for Terminator: Resistance DLC

by: Rob -
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I'm about to type up my review of Terminator: Resistance Enhanced, but in advance of that, enjoy the gameplay trailer for the upcoming DLC below. We never actually covered Terminator: Resistance when it launched on last gen consoles and PC about two years ago, the the Annihilation Line does feature prominently in the narrative, as it is the moniker given to the boundary the machines keep pushing where all human life beyond it is decimated. Annihilation Line is also the name the DLC takes on with a story that promises to follow popular characters from the Terminator universe like Kyle Reese (of movie fame) and Jacob Rivers (the protagonist of the main game storyline) coming together, but on the run from the machines beyond the line. 

Annihilation Line is exclusive DLC to the PS5 and PC systems. It releases December 10th.