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No Gravity Games and the Switch giveaway game

by: Rob -
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So No Gravity Games is giving away a ton of Switch games, but only if you play the giveaway game itself... 

As of right now you can head over to the No Gravity Games website and click on the big shiny SIGN UP! button to get subscribed to the newsletter. You'll get a subscription confirmation first, and with that confirmation No Gravity Games will email you a download code for the eShop to redeem Pirates: All Aboard!

Now here's where the game begins... Starting December 1st, that's Wednesday, No Gravity Games is giving away an additional 18 games, one each day or so. EDIT: You must have at least one No Gravity Games title on your account (like Pirates: All Aboard! above) to grab the first game. Then the trick is, to receive each additional game, you must have all the previous ones from the giveaway in your library. So miss a day, miss the rest of the giveaway - unless you go ahead and just buy the one you missed. The first three games are already announced and detailed in that welcome email with the Pirates code:

As you can also see, the 3rd game will run through the weekend, with that trend holding the giveaway of all 18 games will take us up to Christmas Day. So sign up for a free game now, and be on your toes for all the giveaways coming soon. The full schedule of release dates and details, even though the actual titles beyond the first three are yet hidden, can be found here: https://nogravitygames.com/holiday-giveaway/