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Hear how we turn the phrase "press-start" into a 90 minute podcast

by: Elliot -
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Stuck at home with a room full of people you’re not super excited to see this Thanksgiving? Your weird uncle asleep on the couch? Want something time consuming without putting in any physical work? We may have the show for you. We have a heaping portion of The Gaming Nexus Show for you this week. This week our topic was press-start. Joseph found himself pushing start on a newly purchased PlayStation 5. And boy does he have opinions. He sat down with Eric to talk and tells the listeners if he thinks it’s worth trying to pick up one right now, or if you’re better off just waiting. Joseph wasn’t done giving you his opinion of things, and as such read his op-ed he wrote a few weeks back on gamingnexus.com. And finally Elliot and Eric talk about the recent stealth release of Halo Infinity’s multiplayer. Elliot comes from a background where he played the first handful of games almost religiously, and this was Eric’s first foray into the series. And not to shock anyone, they have different opinions of the release.

If you want to skip around (that’s totally fine with us) here are the jumping on points for this week’s segments:

18:50 Joseph buying a PS5
42:35 Joseph sounds off on Nintendo
55:30 Eric and Elliot talk Halo Infinity multiplayer
1:25:20 Wrap up

As always you can listen to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. If you’re craving even more content by these guys we have ways you can do that too. Try Joseph's Twitch page, or the video game Max developed, Ocean’s Heart. Eric has a YouTube channel and Elliot has another podcast he does with his wife.