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Be the corrupt politician you’ve always dreamed of in This Is the President

by: Elliot -
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Change the constitution, show the Chinese government who’s boss, mandate vaccines (not actually sure that one is in the game). All that and more are at your fingertips in This Is the President. “Every executive order you can dream up is at your disposal. This... satirical thriller, where the President of the USA manages the country like a mobster and tries to escape justice for past crimes. Change the fabric of the United States Constitution by persuading, blackmailing, bribing, and bullying a large part of the political system into granting you lifelong immunity.”

Key features:

  • Manage your approval rating, cash and crew unlike any US President before – stay on top of your presidency by any means necessary.
  • Hold speeches, draft executive orders, manage daily crises, hold press conferences, and tweet better than any President before.
  • Hire a team of assassins, hackers, lobbyists, and other specialists. Send them on dangerous missions that can be solved by legal means. If that doesn’t work, send them on dangerous missions that can be solved by illegal means.
  • Experience a compelling interactive narrative with a wide variety of choices and story branches. Will you end your term on your terms or are you just a pawn in a bigger game?
  • Rule the country as a true mobster would with a shadow cabinet that is feared and respected on a global scale.

This Is the President launches on December 6th, 2021 on PC.