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Crack open a can of tuna and check out Fishing: North Atlantic Enhanced Edition

by: Elliot -
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Ever think that fishing in the North Atlantic might be your thing? Well you’re in luck as Fishing: North Atlantic Enhanced Edition is now available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. While you might not be able to call yourself a true salty dog it’s probably the closest most of us will ever come to the true experience. “The sequel to the popular fishing simulator game Fishing: Barents Sea, Fishing: North Atlantic is set off the coast of Nova Scotia, where the ocean is boundless, unpredictable, and teeming with tuna, swordfish, succulent scallops, and crawly crustaceans. You’re invited to take on the role of captain responsible for commanding a crew of fellow anglers keen on returning to port with a bounty of fish, crab, and lobster.”

Key Features of Fishing: North Atlantic Enhanced Edition:

  • True to Life Detail: Now featuring stunning RTX support, every island, inlet, harborfront, and rocky crag is meticulously crafted after real-world map data of Nova Scotia. Players will have their hands full navigating the open waters of the Canadian maritime province.
  • Ship-Shape Vessels Abound: With over 27 available ships, all of them based on real vessels, including a brand new trawler and the legendary “Andrea Gail”, players will have plenty of ways to traverse the Atlantic. There’s even officially licensed equipment from Hermes, Scanmar, Skipasyn, Pronav, NorSap, and Breeze to be found on deck!
  • Hooks ‘n Lines: Catching swordfish is quite a bit different from trapping lobsters, which is why harpooning, trawling, deeplining, and many more fishing techniques are part of the game. Players will learn all the ins and outs of what it takes to be a commercial fisherman and haul in a fortune!
  • When it Rains, it Pours: The Enhanced Edition introduces a new volumetric weather system, which includes intense rain, snow, heavy cloud cover, and thunderstorms. Captains and their crew will need to maintain careful watch of weather systems in order to keep their boots firmly planted on board.
  • Gone Fishin’: A new custom start option means players can decide how and where they’d like to begin their commercial fishing career. Start options include which fishing vessel to begin with, what habitat size they’d like to explore, as well as their starting fishing season, down to an exact day of the year.

Fishing: North Atlantic Enhanced Edition also comes with the ability to transfer game saves from previous gen to current gen consoles, so worry not if you’re afraid of having to start from scratch.