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Form a deer gang! - DEEEER Simulator Xbox Cloud Gaming Gameplay

by: Eric -
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It is one of the great tragedies of my lifetime (or at least this week) that my PC randomly chose to mute my audio for this game session with DEEEER Simulator on Xbox Cloud Gaming. I invited my son Aidan to join me to check out the game for the first time, and we were absolutely roaring with laughter the entire time as we tried to figure out DEEEER Simulator's wild mechanics. Oh well, you can't win them all, and you certainly can't replicate the reaction you had the first time you saw something absolutely insane.

Nonetheless, this video aptly captures the wildness that is DEEEER Simulator. In just the space of 35 minutes, we managed to fight a giant fish, form a gang of Naruto-running deer people, battle Doggo the police dog inside a mech made of animals, and cause an untold amount of chaos. Like I said - we were cheering and howling the entire time. Check it out:

At the time we played, DEEEER Simulator was not yet available for download, so we decided to play on Xbox Cloud Gaming - which worked remarkably well. The wireless on my PC can be kind of sketchy sometimes, but didn't notice any hitches at all in DEEEER Simulator, outside of those intentionally built into the game, that is.

DEEEER Simulator is now available on Xbox Consoles, Game Pass and Steam. It will be coming to PlayStation and Switch in the next couple of day. We give it a solid recommendation, scoring it five laser-eyed koalas out of five.