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Dice Legacy offers its second free update, bringing a new mode

by: Elliot -
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You can’t get much for free these days, and anything you manage to get for free typically comes with some baggage. But there are always exceptions to that rule, and the dice-based roguelike survival city-builder Dice Legacy happens to be one of them. 

A new game mode, Forging a Realm, is now available as a free update for all PC players. The update will be hitting Nintendo Switch players very soon. “Forging a Realm will offer a very different experience from the regular Dice Legacy mode, which has now been re-named as Escaping Fate.”

Key features of the new mode:

  • Economically-centric Dice Legacy experience aimed at increasing the variety of play.
  • New randomly generated map with parameters built specifically for this mode.
  • Increasingly more difficult demands you need to solve to win the game.
  • Five difficulty levels accommodating either a relaxed or more frantic experience.
  • Ability to alter your experience with memories after completing the new mode.

Dice Legacy is available on PC and Nintendo Switch