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Eric checks out Before We Leave on Xbox Game Pass for PC

by: Eric -
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Before We Leave, the May 2020 city builder from Team 17, popped up unexpectedly on Xbox Game Pass for PC this morning. I remembered seeing some news about this game when it first went live last year, hearing that it was a fairly low-key city builder for those that weren't interested in things like managing their city's fight against the encroaching winter or watching their populace starve to death in World War I. I like things that are chill, so I decided to check it out.

I definitely enjoyed what I saw of the game, which slowly unfolds its mechanics in a very manageable and intuitive way. There are no blizzards, no zombie hoards, no empires beating down your doors. Just a nice research tree, some mining, and a bit of peaceful deforestation, just the way Daddy likes it. Take a look:

Before We Leave is now available on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox consoles, Steam, and Epic Games Store.

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