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Hitman 3 getting another year of content

by: Nathan -
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Despite being the final chapter of the World of Assassination trilogy, Hitman 3 will be getting another year of content. IOI released a new video today thanking fans for their support of the series but also announcing more content coming to the game including PC Ray Tracing, Hitman 3 VR for PC and something called the "Elusive Target Arcade".

Along with that, there is more coming as well such as new maps, new story content, new modes and one feature that the community has been asking for "for a long time". No other details were released but they said they would share more later this year. 

Ray Tracing and VR for PC is pretty self explanatory. The Elusive Target Arcade is pretty interesting though. They didn't give any details as to what this would be, and this is just my speculation but Im wondering if this is finally a way to go back and play the Elusive Targets that one might have missed. 

As for the thing the community has been asking a long time for, my hopes is that its finally a way to play the game offline and use all the content that you unlocked online. Either way the Hitman trilogy is one of the best series of games of the last decade in my opinion and I am psyched for more content.