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Catching up with Xbox Game Pass - Fae Tactics and Exo One

by: Eric -
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Sure, sure, I know that everyone with Xbox Game Pass is playing Halo Infinite, and those that aren't are still playing Forza Horizon 5. I get it. But as usual, Xbox Game Pass continued to donk players over the head with a ton of game options this week, regardless of how much of that membership was busy playing the recent big bangers.

I decided to dip in and check out a few of this week's other options, and found two titles that I've been enjoying quite a bit.

Fae Tactics - Fae Tactics is tactics-based RPG from Humble Games. Users take on the role of a young magic user named Peony, who starts the game out with just a dog and a bird as allies. It's cool, the dog and bird are actually pretty capable of wrecking shop. I've been enjoying the battle system quite a lot with this one; the game rolls things out in a nice, even manner that allows the player to pick up on and implement various mechanics before moving on. Very fun, and I'm looking forward to diving back into it.

(Update: I played about two more hours of Fae Tactics this morning, and it is totally the jam. Everyone should play it.)

Exo One - Exo One is a trippy sci-fi game that sees the player flying an orb around alien planets. The story in this one is delivered in drips, but I kinda think I understand the major pieces. A manned mission to Jupiter was lost, with all hands going down with the ship. Some time later, folks on earth receive a mysterious signal, instructing them to build this orb thing. So they do. That's all I've got. It's unclear at this point how the orb thing is going to connect back to the missing Jupiter people. In practice, players dip and zip across alien terrains, figuring out how to control the orb and advance the story. It sounds weird, but I actually enjoyed my time with it quite a bit. Take a look:

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