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Double trailers (and pre-order info) from co-op VR zombie hoard shooter After the Fall

by: Eric -
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There has been a lot of excitement around the GN bullpen for After the Fall, the new co-op zombie shooter from developer Vertigo Games. John Yan and I both enjoy co-op VR experiences, and with John's love for Left 4 Dead-style zombie shooters, I'm pretty sure I can convince him to play through After the Fall with me. It doesn't hurt that the game has full cross-platform support, so John can strap on one of his thirty VR rigs, and I can just sit on my bed with my Quest 2.

After the Fall is gearing up for a December 9 release on all major VR platforms, and pre-orders are now live for Steam VR, PlayStation VR, and Meta Quest 2. (Do I really have to call it "Meta" Quest now? Sigh. I guess I do...). In anticipation of the release, Vertigo dropped two trailers, one a brief snippet celebrating the opening of pre-orders, the other a rather extensive look at After the Fall's multiplayer gameplay in action.

An extensive post-release roadmap has been outlined, with the launch edition giving players access to the Frontrunner season, which will give them access to new maps and game modes, and more goodies yet to be announced. Folks pre-ordering on Oculus (Meta....) automatically get access to both Quest 2 and Rift versions.

Steam players will get automatic access to a closed Steam playtest, running from 9PM PT on Nov. 26 until midnight PT on Nov. 28. And PlayStation VR players will get 48 hours of early access for pre-ordering. So it seems that no matter which system you go for, you're going to get access to some cool stuff. 

For more info on the pre-orders for all systems, check out After the Fall's official website here.