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Roguelite FPS Gunfire Reborn out of Early Access PC, coming to consoles 2022

by: Henry -
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Gunfire Reborn, the Borderlands inspired FPS co-op roguelite by Duoyi Network is out of Steam Early Access today. Duoyi also announced that it would partner with 505 games to publish Gunfire Reborn on consoles in 2022, adding additional language support.

In Gunfire Reborn, play as ability based heroes with up to three other players. You can craft builds from magic based alchemists to deadly sharpshooters. There are over 40 weapons, 100 scrolls with multiple inscriptions and ascensions to choose from with each play-through being different.

Gunfire Reborn is out now on PC via Steam. It will launch worldwide on consoles in 2022, with additional updates for PC and console to launch in the future.

Check out the cinematic trailer below: