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2K releases new WWE 2K22 trailer showing 10 ways its going to "hit different"

by: Nathan -
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After the disaster of WWE 2K20 the series went on hiatus, skipping a year and a promise from 2K that the game would get a significant update when it released. Well then the world went to hell and we weren't sure when the game would be released.

They showed off a trailer at Wrestle Mania earlier this year for WWE 2K22 saying "coming soon" and that it would "hit different". Then we got the news that the game would be released in March 2022 and 2K had been pretty silent after that. 2K even said there wouldnt be any more updates until January. Today however 2K dropped a massive bombshell showing off ten new additions to the series and a lot of these are amazing. 

First off we are getting updated graphics, an immersive presentation and a redesigned gameplay engine. We get some footage of in game matches and it appears that the camera is zoomed in closer to the ring which looks great, along with the updated character models.

2K Showcase returns as well and it's looking like this time it will be focusing on Rey Mysterio.

Finally, after years and years of begging, GM mode finally returns to the series. For those unaware, GM mode was a business management mode where you had to draft a roster, manage contracts, set up matches to earn money and ratings and compete against other shows for ratings supremacy. 

My Faction is a new mode and.... oh boy, now this is just speculation on my part but the footage we got had random teams of four celebrating in the ring. This looks like it could be some type of "My Team" or "Madden Ultimate Team" type mode, which means.... microtransactions and card packs. That is NOT confirmation at all and just my thoughts but I am worried about this. 

My Career returns again as "My Rise" and we get some snippets of footage here and it looks like you will be creating both a male and female My Player this year. 

We got a brief look at Universe Mode and this year it looks like you will be able to take control of a single wrestler so im wondering if this is going to be more of a "season mode" like Smackdown 1 - Here Comes The Pain had. 

Finally we get a brief update on the Creation Suite showing that when creating a superstar you start off with a starting class each with their own unique stats. 

A full breakdown of all these features will happen in January. This all looks great and is looking like 2K really listened to the fans this year with updates we have been asking a long time for. 

Check out the full trailer below