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Another "meh" week on PSN

by: Chuck -
You know if Sony is ever going to turn around the PS3 they're going to have to start cranking out decent content for hte PlayStation network on a consistent basis.  There really hasn't been much to talk about lately and this week is no different as they are releasing the MotorStorm 1.2, Hot Shot Golf 2, CoolBoarders, and a trailer for Heartbreak Kid.  That's right, a patch, two PSOne games and a trailer for a movie...meh.

Get ready to test your speed as the MotorStorm™ Time Attack mode will be available on the PLAYSTATION®Store today for play on the PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) system. Additionally, the classic PlayStation® titles, Hot Shots Golf®2 and CoolBoarders®, will be available for play on PS3, in addition to PSP®(PlayStation®Portable) system, with today’s update. A trailer for the upcoming comedy, The Heartbreak Kid, will also be offered.

Below are the details of these exciting new offerings:


  • MotorStorm Time Attack (free): See if you’ve got what it takes to set the pace by downloading the new MotorStorm Time Attack mode. Race against the clock to set the best possible lap times on each of the tracks, then check out the global leader boards to see how fast you really are. Create and share ghost car laps that you can race with to improve your skill, or show off your technique to the world.
  • Hot Shots Golf 2 ($5.99*): Put on some plaid pants and head out to the course in Hot Shots Golf 2.
  • CoolBoarders ($5.99*): CoolBoarders presents a most awesome and excellent challenge: to out-shred the best boarders on the pro circuit.
  • The Heartbreak Kid Trailer (free): Download a new trailer for the upcoming comedy, The Heartbreak Kid.