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Eric plays Halo for the very first time ever

by: Eric -
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It is true that over my thousands and thousands of hours playing video games, I have never played Halo.

There are a number of reasons for this. I was only active in the Xbox ecosphere during the 360 era, and I bailed completely after suffering my third red ring of death. I am not a big FPS guy (don't ask how many Call of Duty games I've played), and none of my friend have ever tried to pull me into Halo. I just...never got around to it.

Until today, that is. A little bored at lunch, I went ahead and clicked the download button on Halo Infinite while chomping my pizza, and hopped in a few minutes later (the internet was running quick today).

I'm so inexperienced that I didn't even know what the buttons do - you can see me in this video trying to come to grips with the controls. But eventually I get the hang of things enough to jump into some multiplayer sessions, where I promptly lead my teams to a series of bitter defeats.

"But," you ask, "did you have fun?" Well, yeah, I kinda did. I clearly suck at Halo, having had only 35 minutes or so worth of experience. But I can see how this would be fun, especially a group of friends. I'll probably jump back into Halo Infinite some more, being careful to keep the chat turned off so I don't have to listen to people telling me how much I suck. It's an interesting experiment, trying to jump into a game that everybody but me knows how to play. What's next? Madden? NBA 2K? Battlefield? Only time will tell.

Halo Infinite's multiplayer mode is now available on Xbox Game Pass, both for consoles and PC.