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Open-world tactical RPG Wartales out in Early Access December 1

by: Henry -
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Medieval open-world tactical RPG Wartales is coming out on PC Early Access via Steam. The game follows a mercenary warband embarking on a journey through plague-ravaged lands of the Erodan Empire. It is up to you to recruit an army of warriors capable of taking on any task. Each party member is customizable via their stats, specialization and equipment. Combat is turn-based as you battle monstrous creatures and bandits. You can focus on creating melee-focused brutes or sneaky thieves and even ranged archers as part of your team.
While not in combat, you can rest in camps, cook replenishing meals, upgrade equipment, and unlock new abilities and professions with your experience points. You also have to pay your party members because loyalty ain't cheap! After the Great Plague ravaged the Erodan Empire, its inhabitants still struggle to survive as feudal lords keep an iron grip on their territories while villagers eye neighbors distrustfully. As hope fades, it is up to mercenaries and sell-swords to grow the backbone of allegiances to build up a once thriving kingdom.
Wartales is releasing on Steam Early Access on Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2021 for $34.99.
Checkout the Early Access trailer below: