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Football Manager 2022 is out now, and it's all digital

by: Rob -
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Football Manager 2022 is now up on Steam, the Epic store, and Microsoft Games Store for PC and Mac. There is also an Xbox edition available on the Microsoft Store that is included in Games Pass, Football Manager 2022 Touch is up on the Nintendo eShop exclusively for the Switch, and FM22 Mobile for iOS on the App Store and Android on Google Play also available. Anyone already on the Early Access Beta on PC can just quit and relaunch through the game launcher to update to the full version. It's worth noting however, that even retail copies now no longer include the game on disc, but rather an unlock code for Steam. 

Check out the trailer below as Spanish sensation Pedri talks about the new features, and head over https://www.footballmanager.com for more details on the game and all the versions, including where to buy.