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The Gaming Nexus Show is back and better than ever

by: Elliot -
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We are finally back! After a little hiatus The Gaming Nexus Show is back and better than ever. The Gaming Nexus Show is a podcast for people who like video games but want something a little different than the typical podcast. What does that mean? Well each episode we’re going to choose a word (or sentence if you’re Joe) and bring you some stories with that as a theme. This week’s theme is loyalty. We have three stories to share, one from Joe (who played Murder House) One from Eric and Aidan, and a little essay by Elliot about brand loyalty.

If you want to skip around (that’s totally fine with us) here are the jumping on points for this week’s segments:

8:25- Forza
19:00- Joe gives his thought on Murder House
35:32- Eric and Aidan talk about friendships made while gaming
105:30- Elliot talks brand loyalty
1:11:16- wrap up and next episode’s topic

You can always listen to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. Want even more content by these four guys? Try Joseph's Twitch page, or the video game Max developed, Ocean’s Heart. Eric has a YouTube channel and Elliot has another podcast he does with his wife.