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Jump Force being removed

by: Nathan -
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Jump Force, the crazy anime and manga crossover videogame was released in 2019, but sadly three years after release, it is ready to ride off into the sunset. In a blog post, Bandi Namco has announced that next year the game will be removed for digital purchase along with physical copies no longer being manufactured. Later on some of the online functionality coming to an end. 

On February 7th 2022 the base game will be removed from digital store fronts along with the DLC and the ability to purchase digital currency. This will affect all versions of the game including PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch versions.

After that the online servers will be sunsetted later in the year. On August 24th 2022 some of the online servers will shut down but you will still be able to play all of the single player content and PVP battles. Ranked matches will be shutdown. 

One important thing to note is that any DLC you purchased before the shutdown will still be available to play in game.

Here is what will no longer be available after the announced dates...

  • Logging into the multiplayer lobby
  • Online events
  • Clan functions
  • Viewing the Notice Board
  • Viewing the leaderboards
  • Accepting Rewards from the Reward Counter
  • In-game Store
  • Premium Shop (*Only this function will be available until 8/1/2022) 
  • Online Ranked Match