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City builder in the sky Airborne Kingdom releases today

by: Henry -
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Developer The Wandering Band's city builder in the sky, Airborne Kingdom, makes its way onto Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One today November 9, 2021.
In Airborne Kingdom, players must chart a flight plan to bring peace to the tribes below restoring a forgotten Airborne Kingdom. Players can gather and trade with clans across a procedurally generated map and explore ruins, design homes, among other structures to rebuild a legendary city. Console version includes new quest-lines and quality of life improvements with an unforgettable soundtrack.
The console release of Airborne Kingdom includes New Game Plus with additional challenges to overcome. Other notable features include town center units to assist in maintaining comfort levels for residents and randomized events ranging from quest-lines to kingdom piece placement.
Check out the launch trailer below!