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Chuckle along with Eric as he checks out The Handler of Dragons

by: Eric -
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Let me start out by saying that the single developer at High Quality Jersey Calinski has achieved something that I never will in my life - they have published a functioning game on Steam. The Handler of Dragons, a third-person RPG, has been on Steam since late September. The developer describes the game as follows on the official Steam page:

"In the RPG game The Handler of Dragons you play as a warrior who can speak to the dragons. How did it happen? What will be the consequences? Are you going to protect dragons at all costs? How far will you go to obtain their power? The adventure begins..."

I will also say that I had a really good time playing The Handler of Dragons when I settled in this morning, coffee in hand. There was no shortage of fun to be had with this interesting take on the RPG genre.

All of that said, is The Handler of Dragons a good game? Well, that depends on your definition of "good". I certainly enjoyed myself, and I feel that the teasing I aimed at this game was generally good-natured. It's fun sometimes to dig into something, not knowing what to expect, only to find weird computer-generated dialogue and non-functional UI elements. Yes, I was able to complete some quests. No, I was not able to equip any of my magical spells. And yes, one of the "legendary" objects I found as part of a "side quest" did seem to disappear from my inventory, never to be seen again. But that dialogue...just lip-smackingly delicious in its weirdness. 

The Handler of Dragons is now available on Steam for $11.99.