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Spider-Man finally coming to Marvel's Avengers for Sony fans on November 30

by: Eric -
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Back when Marvel's Avengers first arrived, I ended up with two copies - one on PS4 and one on Stadia. Even though the Stadia version was clearly superior in many ways (I wrote up the differences between the two here), I spent most of my time on the Sony version. Why? Because eventually that was the version that was going to receive Spider-Man. Crystal Dynamics had promised the web-head as an exclusive character for PlayStation fans that bought the game, which led to a very lopsided online community. 

Just gonna pop this Black Panther trailer here, since there still isn't a trailer for Spider-Man

Flash forward fourteen months, and I haven't touched Marvel's Avengers since the release of the Kate Bishop DLC (great new character, underwhelming content). Square-Enix's plan to deliver a ton of cool characters was derailed by the pandemic, and the initial promised flood of cool stuff dried up to a slow trickle. I know that a lot of folks enjoyed the Black Panther content that was released several months ago, but I was playing other stuff at the time and just didn't have the bandwidth to jump back in. Plus, my PS4 has been retired, and Square-Enix's save transfer has never worked for me, so I don't have much hope of seeing my original leveled-up characters again. It just didn't seem worth the trouble of starting the game all over again.

But the arrival of Spider-man shifts the dynamic a little bit. I frankly never expected Spidey to see the light of day in Marvel's Avengers. I had give up all hope. But Square Enix yesterday announced that Spider-Man will indeed be appearing to give the game a much-needed shot in the arm on November 30, and damned if I'm not considering starting all over again in my (non-existent) spare time so I can be ready. Square hasn't shown anything about what Spidey will look or play like, but my curiosity has the best of me. I may just try it out - and hit the Black Panther stuff while I'm at it.

In addition, a new Wakanda-based raid was announced, with heroes fighting the bad guy Klaw at "the vibranium mound". There will also be a maximum power-level increase, and a new way to build up gear by recycling stuff of a higher level. "Shipments" will provide a new way to win cosmetics and resources using only in-game currency, after last week Square-Enix did away with certain mechanics the community deemed "pay-to-win". So a lot of new stuff will be arriving on November 30.

But the big draw, of course, is Spidey. If anything can give this game a shot in the arm, its the arrival of the most popular character on the planet. If Spidey can't keep Marvel's Avengers afloat for a while longer, no one can.