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It's crazy, and hyper-violent in The Crackpet Show

by: Elliot -
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About a year ago a gameplay trailer for The Crackpet Show was released. Since then the game has been brewing and developer Vixa Games has finally come forward with a release date, at least for Steam Early Access. “Inspired by classic gore-filled cartoons like Happy Tree Friends, The Crackpet Show puts players in control of mutated animals competing for fame and fortune — and their lives — on the most violent television show in broadcast history. These furry freaks have access to dozens of randomly dropped weapons and stackable perks that ramp up their destructive capabilities and help them rise to bloody stardom.”

Key Features of The Crackpet Show Include:

  • Variety is the Spice of Life: Ricocheting bullets. A gun that spews molten lava. Berserker rage. Dozens of weapons and perks mean endless destructive combinations!
  • Randomized Rogue-lite Action: Tons of enemies, items, and randomized drops and level layouts that test your ability to wreak havoc and put on a show!
  • Violent Delights: It’s cute, colorful, and bloody — everything you love about gory, old-school cartoons! Rabbits and railguns are quite the pair, aren’t they?
  • Play Together, Kill Together: The whole game is playable in co-op (shared screen, Steam Remote Play Together) with up to four players. Crushing gigantic bosses can only bring you and your friends closer together, right?

The game will have a four player co-op so you can work together as a team. The game will also have randomized episodes so that things never get stale. You can pick up The Crackpet Show on December 16 on Steam. A console release will happen sometime in 2022 when it makes a full launch.