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Put the love back into Lovecraftian horror with this upcoming dating sim

by: Elliot -
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Halloween may be over, but if you’re still in the mood for something a bit spooky you may be in luck. Publisher DreadXP wants to put the love back into Lovecraftian horror with the help of developer Akabaka’s eldritch dating simulator Sucker for Love: First Date. “Launching on Steam and Itch.io in December 2021, Sucker for Love: First Date tasks you with winning the affection of the girl of your literal dreams by invoking rituals inspired by the Cthulhu mythos.” 

Sucker for Love: First Date Key Features:

  • Slide Into Her DMs (Daemoniac Manuscripts) — Thanks to the lovely pink Necronomicon you’ve found, you’ve been united with your very own blasphemous beauty. Sucker for Love: First Date features three dateable goddesses who are each fully-voiced and have unique game endings!
  • Abnormal Desires — A healthy relationship relies on compromise, so live a little and try out some of your goddess’s fun rituals! Who knows what might happen next?
  • Love Everlasting — Explore your budding romance across three chapters!
  • Stylish Invocation — Enjoy the game’s charming visuals and music that are reminiscent of old-school anime and dating sims
  • Let Your Guard Down — No horror elements or danger whatsoever. This is a dating game!

You can add the game to your Steam Wishlist right now, as well as find it on Itch.io when the game launches in December.