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Work together to solve puzzles & uncover the mysteries in Nightwell Manor

by: Elliot -
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Nightwell Manor is an upcoming co-op escape room horror for PC from developer FearFX Squared. “Set in the early 1940s, the game locks up to six players together in the eponymous Nightwell Manor, forcing them to work together to find a way out. Escape room style puzzles challenge players across the mansion's vast grounds, each solution helping them come closer to discovering the mystery behind the manor and the rumours about its unusual owner.” 

The game will play out in three acts, each new act revealing more of the manor for players to explore, adding more puzzles along the way. Puzzles in the game will be randomised to keep players on their feet, and help keep the game fresh. All of this is happening while Mr. Nightwell is trying to hunt your party down. There is no current release window for Nightwell Manor, but you can follow the Nightwell Manor Discord server for updates, as well as checking out FearFX Squared's website.