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World War Z: Aftermath gets free Halloween update: new zombie type and daily challenges

by: Henry -
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World War Z: Aftermath drops a free content update just in time for Halloween. In this patch, a new deadly Booster type zombie is introduced. The Booster is armed with concentrated bio samples that enhance all other zombies around it. In addition to the new enemy type, daily challenges have also been added, giving players the opportunity to earn bonus in-game rewards every day.

Today's update also introduces Lore Documents that can appear on daily and weekly challenge maps. Finding all of them unlocks a special perk for that specific level, giving players more incentive and reward when replaying missions and maps.

World War Z: Aftermath is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Epic Games and Steam, with backwards compatibility with next-gen consoles and full cross-platform play supported!

Check out the update trailer below!