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Arcade 1UP cabinets now available to purchase on Gamefly

by: Nathan -
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Gamefly, the website that let's you rent videogames, much like Netflix when they would mail out DVDs, as expanded their offerings over the years including consoles, controllers and collectibles to buy directly from them. Today, Gamefly announced that they will start welling Arcade 1UP cabinets. 

The cabinets on offer include some of the newer ones like Big Buck Hunter, NBA Jam and Marvel vs. Capcom along with some of the new table top cabinets like Mortal Kombat and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Pinball as well. 

As someone that has a couple of these machines, it's great that there are more places you can buy them, however it's always good to shop around as well as the prices on these things are always fluctuating. For instance one of them might be $499.99 at one store but could be $399.99 somewhere else, or if you are really lucky you can find them on clearance for like $199.99.