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Gameplay - Eric checks out The Darkest Tales demo

by: Eric -
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The Darkest Tales - a platformer from developer Trinity Team and publisher 101XP - is scheduled to release sometime in 2022. In the meantime, Trinity Team has released The Darkest Tales: Into the Nightmare, a rather meaty demo consisting of the game's first two levels. Of course, calling these "levels" is an understatement - the levels in The Darkest Tales feel more like "worlds".

In The Darkest Tales, a brave (but surly) teddy bear must venture into the dreams of his owner Alicia to conquer various demons that have taken root in her psyche. The catch? The demons are taking the form of various fairy tale characters, resulting in some dark tales, indeed. 

I played through about a half hour of the first level, which involved a super messed-up Red Riding Hood, and her whacko plan to push the wolves of the forest to extinction. As I state in the video, platformers are not my genre of choice, but I still got a kick out of the characters and world building in this beautiful demo. Take a look:

Those interested can download the demo here, and you can wishlist the full game on Steam right here.