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First Class Trouble out of Early Access, announced on PlayStation

by: Henry -
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Social deduction game First Class Trouble is stepping out of Early Access on Steam for PC. First Class Trouble is a multiplayer deduction game much like Among Us that takes place on a luxury space ship where a malfunctioning AI is trying to kill the passengers. The game is played with 6 people, with 2 of them being Persanoids, killer humanoids that are sent by the AI to betray the other 4 players. Players will need to work together to complete different tasks in order to proceed.

First Class Trouble is also releasing on PlayStation 4 and 5 but will require PlayStation Plus in order to access the online multiplayer features. The game will feature cross play support between PC and PlayStation consoles. The game is available now on Steam for $14.99.

Check out the PlayStation launch trailer below: