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Killsquad Gameplay - a frenetic multiplayer twin-stick RPG dungeon crawling shooter

by: Eric -
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There are a lot of terms that can describe Novarama's new game Killsquad, and they are all accurate; twin-stick shooter, looter-shooter, dungeon crawling RPG, bullet-hell-alien-contract-online-multiplayer-action-extravaganza. It all works.

Killsquad has been hanging around in Early Access since 2019, and it finally achieved "full release" status on October 21. I hopped in for a little bit on the 21st, but I didn't really vibe with the shotgun-based character I was playing, so I decided to try again. This time, I took the action-oriented sword lady, and I had a much better time. I also decided to stop trying to play solo, and enjoy the game it was meant to be played, with drop-in/drop-out multiplayer with a bunch of randos. 

My much-better second session is below. Somehow, I ended up with a copyright claim on this video (maybe the music?), so apologies for any commercials you have to suffer through. 

By the time I finished the above session, I was all in on Killsquad. I had a ton of fun doing the couple of missions I ran, and the loot grind got its hooks into me pretty strongly. I'm definitely going to be hopping back into this one.

Killsquad is now available on Steam, currently on sale for $16.99, which seems like a total steal.