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Nintendo has lost their minds with the cost of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack

by: Nathan -
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During the last Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced that N64 games and Sega Genesis games would be added to the Nintendo Switch Online service with a small selection of games, and more to be added later. They also announced that for an additional cost you can upgrade your existing plan to the Expansion Pack for an additional price.

Well, today Nintendo announced that the new Animal Crossing DLC will be included in the pack as well. Cool right? Well yeah if you play Animal Crossing but not for someone like me who doesn't. That's where the issue comes in. How much is this expansion? $49.99 per year. Or $79.99 a year with the family plan. You can also upgrade for additional plan to the expansion pack for a discount. 


More than double the price of the service now for games that are 20-30 years old and a DLC pack that not everyone may be able to play. Not to mention their service for online games is subpar at best. 

I love the games Nintendo releases but some of the decisions this company makes are just mind boggling sometimes. 
Anyways, the expansion pack will be available October 25th.