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The Riftbreaker pretty much rocks

by: Eric -
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The Riftbreaker, the new action/base-building game from EXOR Studios, launched today on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. As part of that launch, the game was included on Xbox Game Pass for PC, so I burned my lunch break today to hop in an take a look. 

Playing as Ashley S. Nowak, the player lands on a new planet, and immediately starts terra-forming the place with a super-sweet mech. The controls on this game feel fantastic, and I was having a grand old time crushing the local wildlife when the game started reminding me that I actually had a mission to accomplish. The player has an energy sword on one arm and a few projectile weapons on the other, and tearing into the invading horde (which are actually, you know, just locals protecting their home) feels pretty great. 

In the end, I played about 40 minutes before my lunch was over. I realized by that point that I had messed up pretty good, building some unnecessary things with a complete disregard for planning anything that might be either functional or attractive. Nonetheless, I had a great time dorking around. I'm going back to this one for sure.

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