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Shrapnel Games launches Salvo!

by: Tyler -
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Shrapnel Games announced that their 17th-to-19th century naval warfare game, Salvo! has gone gold and is scheduled to ship to stores on July 5. Check out the demo here.
Salvo! Gold! Huzzah!
Fighting Sail Game Set To Leave Port!

Cary, NC, 08 June 2005

After a few unexpected delays publisher Shrapnel Games and developer Spruegames would like to eagerly announce that Salvo! has reached the gold milestone and is now entering into production. In a few weeks gamers around the globe will finally have the excuse they've been wanting to dress up like Captain Crunch, drink a lot of rum, and stay up all night battling upon the digital high seas. Salvo! is expected to ship on July 5, 2005.

Salvo! will be available for both the Windows and Mac OSX operating systems, and may be purchased through the Shrapnel Games' e-store, Gamers Front, for $39.95 plus shipping (which can be as low as free!). It ships in a DVD box and comes with a printed manual. For more information on purchasing Salvo! please visit

Salvo! is a single player experience of naval warfare from the 17th until the 19th centuries. Covering a wide range of engagements and combatants Salvo! does a superb job at capturing the essence of commanding a battle fleet during the Age of Sail, thanks to its Action Marker system for controlling individual ships and its Squadron Control for larger formations. With these systems battles can be fought between a handful of ships, huge fleet clashes, or everything in between and all with the same ease of control. Fighting Sail has never been easier!

But don't take our word for it! Noted longtime wargame critic Jim Cobb had this to say about the control scheme in his preview of Salvo! for Subsim.com, "Despite the panache of single ship clashes, Salvo! actually concentrates on fleet engagements. First, players create squadrons. These squadrons are then given orders for movement and combat while waypoints on the battle map expedite movement. Depending on the situation, ships follow squadron orders, can be instructed to act on their own initiative or can be
controlled individually by the player seeking that Nelonesque movement. This method of handling a fleet is a significant departure from the lassoed groups in previous games and allows players much more control in handling numerous ships."

Additionally, please be sure to check out the Salvo! full-featured demo for both PC and Mac available at www.shrapnelgames.com/Sprue/Salvo/6.htm. The demo boasts all the features found in the full retail game, and even allows gamers to try out one of the campaigns!

For more information on this exciting new addition to the Shrapnel Games lineup, or to check out the entire line of Shrapnel Games, visit us at www.shrapnelgames.com