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Toodles...um...friends! New Bloodshore Trailer reveals November release date and sweet 90's catchphrases

by: Eric -
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As an unabashed fan of Wales interactive's interactive films, I was delighted to open my email this morning to find a new release date trailer for Bloodshore, the newest entry in Wales' ever-expanding library. 

Though Wales Interactive is mostly known for its horror games, the company has been expanding out in to new genres. From the looks of this trailer, Bloodshore could best be classified as "90s late-night action". With it's dystopian setting, varied cast of characters, awesome synth soundtrack, corny TV hose, and bloody action, this newest entry from Wales looks like a popcorn-throwing good time. 

Players take on the role of a contestant in a Running Man- style TV show called KillStream. According to a recent press release, "Players must battle out in a dystopian battle royale set on a mysterious island location; where influencers, death row inmates and failing celebrities compete for a life-changing cash prize and all the attention they could ever want." As usual, I'm fully on board for this one.

The battle for survival begins on November 3 for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Mack, and iOS. For more info (and another trailer!) or to wishlist the game, check out the Steam page here.