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The teardown of the Nintendo OLED Switch shows there's more changes under the hood

by: John -
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The Nintendo OLED Switch is out and there are a few more changes than the screen and kickstand. Nothing will improve performance or gameplay as the video states, but there are some nice internal improvements.

It's pretty cool to see how easily it is to remove some of the parts and it's pretty repairable. Nintendo said they improved the joy-con's durability, but iFixIt doesn't see anything that shows it. There could still be some improvements that aren't necessarily visible so we'll have to see as people use it for a period of time.

Nintendo has improved the way the joy-cons attach to minimize the wobble that's apparent in the first version so that's pretty cool.

Overall, it's a nice build that can be repaired without too much of a hassle, unlike Apple products. No software locks in this one!