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Lovecraftian The Alien Cube comes to PC October 14

by: Elliot -
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 Ahead of its October 14 release on Steam and Epic Games Store The Alien Cube has released a new trailer. The trailer shows off some of the locations Arthur, the game’s protagonist, will encounter. In the game he will be searching for clues about the disappearance of his uncle Edgar. Edgar was the protagonist of The Land of Pain, solo developer Alessandro Guzzo’s previous game. “Taking on the role of Arthur and following your uncle’s steps, you will begin a journey of discovery that will take you through otherworldly places to the very heart of your worst nightmares, making you doubt your own perception of reality and changing your whole world forever. Cosmic horrors and terrifying visions await... Are you ready to uncover the secrets that are lurking behind the facade?”

Key features:

  • Survive hostile weather conditions as you wander through snowy forests, forgotten dungeons and different otherworldly locations
  • Explore horrifying places and interact with objects that you find along your journey to solve puzzles and seek out clues to unravel the mystery set before you
  • Immerse yourself completely in a powerfully visual world of unnamed horrors thanks to the CryEngine 5 powered graphics with photogrammetric technology
  • Intensify the Lovecraftian experience with high-quality ambient sounds and an immersive atmospheric soundtrack extracted from the abyss of your worst fears
  • Delve into the truth of unspeakable secrets and horrors behind your uncle's past- the protagonist of the game “The Land of Pain”- and find out the connection between these two games.

The Alien Cube releases on October 14 on Steam and Epic Game Store.