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Tribes of Midgard announce mid-season update

by: Elliot -
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I was lucky enough to review Tribes of Midgard when it was first released in July of this year. Originally I got to play with a handful of members of the Gaming Nexus crew and had an absolute blast doing so. After I review a game I will sometimes go back to it, sometimes I’ve just done everything and called it a day. Tribes of Midgard was one of those games that has stayed in my rotation of games. In fact I’ve convinced a handful of friends to grab the game so I could try and slay the seasonal bad guy with them. All of this is to say that Tribes has recently released a mid season update to the game that is going to get me to jump back in yet again.

Here’s what’s new: 

  • Variant System: We added a new boss mechanic that supports multiple variations of a given Saga Boss, injecting Wolf Saga with an entirely new version of Fenrir to face off against—Wolfmancer Fenrir! While each variant of a Saga Boss will retain some core mechanics and behavior, the goal is to offer late-game variety and give players more to experience. Each variant has a unique look, abilities, and comes with alterations to their Lair entrance and Arena to foreshadow the Variant players will be facing off against. It is currently split 50/50 as to whether players will come across Wolfmancer Fenrir, or Doomhowler Fenrir. 
  • New Challenge Types: We've added Daily, Weekly, and Festive Challenge types (47 in total). Daily challenges rotate daily, Weekly on a Weekly basis, and Festive Challenges will coincide with any seasonal event we host moving forward (e.g. Valhalloween). In addition to Skins and Currency rewards for completing Challenges, we're also adding the ability to earn large sums of Season XP as a result of completing them – this provides a great catch-up mechanic for those trailing in Season progression. 
  • New Cosmetic Type: We’ve added the ability to change the player’s Loot Chest that’s left behind when they die. For now, we have two Loot Chest options; the default Viking Loot Chest, and a newly added Headstone Loot Chest that is unlocked by completing a Festive Challenge during the upcoming Valhalloween event. More to come here in the future! 
  • New Runes: As a part of our consistent effort to add variety for our players, we’ve added a handful of highly impactful Runes. 
  • 3 New Starter Kits: Starter Kits drastically alter the early-to-mid-game strategies of players and are a good source of gameplay variety as players experiment with their own personal strategies. The Mid-saga update brings three new Starter Kits, each of them showcasing new Runes added in this update. 
  • 5 New Transmog sets: 52 items in total have been added to the game, running a diverse mixture of aesthetic influences, hints to expand on lore, and just overall fun goofiness. Those with corresponding Pets all have unique animations different from the Pets we've done to date.  
  • Valhalloween: To lean into the spooky season, we have added several tweaks to the game, leaning into traditional Halloween glee.  

    I particularly like the idea of new starter set kits. There wasn’t much to choose from before the update, and really only one “correct” choice in my opinion. This will hopefully add variety and not have everyone start in the same cookie cutter way. New runes sound great, even though it is a bit random what you find, I hope the new ones are a bit luckier to get pulled. And adding variants to the final boss of the season helps with replayability. Overall I’m looking forward to seeing the changes when I jump back in with some friends, we’ve already made plans to check out the changes sometime this weekend.