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Dig into some Core Keeper preview gameplay

by: Eric -
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Core Keeper, an upcoming mining/exploration game from developer Pugstorm, isn't due out until some time in 2022. But we were granted access to the current closed alpha - along with permission to capture gameplay and post it online. So I settled in for a nice beginning session last night, spending about 45 minutes coming to grips with the game's beginning mechanics and controls. Along the way, I cleared out a few slime-infested caves, and figured out how to make myself a nice copper sword.

What I found was a very enjoyable survival game, feeling near complete in it's playability despite it's somewhat distant release date. In this video, I figure out the basic crafting process, and start to expand my area of influence beyond the initial starting area. Figuring out that I could lay down torches to light the world was key to my expansion, and I plan on going back in and doing some serious work on the caves around me, creating a more permanent-feeling base.

Of course, what you can't tell from my initial prodding at the world of Core Keeper is that the game is actually intended to be played with up to eight players - allowing for some seriously involved group projects. I was perfectly happy playing by myself, but after watching this trailer (courtesy of IGN), it became clear that I will eventually need to recruit some help.

Not to spoil anything, but there are a few shots of what appears to be a boss creature in the trailer, and there is no way I'm going to be able to take that thing out on my own. Come on, now. I need some cave buddies.

Interested in Core Keeper? You can read more about the game - and wishlist the Early Access version - here on Steam.