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Games N Moorer goes for a spin with Hot Wheels Unleashed

by: Eric -
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Joseph Moorer from Games N Moorer hopped into the stellar racing fun that is Hot Wheels Unleashed yesterday for the first time. After wrestling with some technical issues, Joseph opened his first few cars, and then sank his teeth into the game's tutorial.

After he had a few races under his belt, I hopped into his stream to challenge him to some races (I show up around the 21 minute mark). It definitely felt a little unfair, as Joseph was playing with his opening cars, and I had more advanced legendary vehicles. So, for the second race I played with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles van, which is absolutely unmanageable. 

Hot Wheels Unleashed is a fantastic game. In my review, I said that "Hot Wheels Unleashed is an instant classic, a licensed game with AAA production values that never stops delivering thrills. With enough content and features to satisfy the most demanding audience, Hot Wheels focus on razor sharp arcade racing delivers exactly what fans want – tons of cool cars, wild tracks, and collectable, customizable fun."

Hot Wheels Unleashed is now available on PC and all current consoles. It carries our highest recommendation. 

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