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Valve shows how to take apart a Steam Deck, but you really shouldn't

by: John -
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Those looking to do some mods or maybe repair the Steam Deck will be happy to see Valve post a video on how to take one apart. It doesn't look too hard, but like the video says, leave it to the professionals.

Once nice thing it seems is that the thumbstick unit are easily replaceable. Valve will link to the replacement part in the future.

You'll also see how to take out the very small NVME SSD, but Valve is saying don't replace this with any off the shelf part. It might not be power rated correctly and since the SSD is close to the wireless components, some might interfere with the operation of the WiFi and/or Bluetooth on the Steam Deck.

Also, taking it apart my compromise the structure of the Steam Deck. Even with those warnings, it's still cool of Valve to show you how to do it and I'm sure we're going to see some interesting mods for the Steam Deck once people have sufficient time with it.

I've got my place in to order a 512GB version and I can't wait.