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Final Fantasy's Battle Royale game is around the corner

by: Rob -
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Announced a few months back, Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is now approaching release, with a trailer to boot. The trailer shows off some of the unique moves and abilities of the five character classes in this F2P mobile Battle Royale. The four classes from the closed Beta are of course in the action, and joining the fray is also the ninja class, from the press release:

  • Warrior – specializes in close-ranged melee attacks.
  • Sorcerer – mid-ranged AoE attacks is this Style’s specialty; their basic magic spells Fire, Blizzard and Thunder are powered up.
  • Monk – high-vitality Style, who has self-healing and shield abilities.
  • Ranger – skilled in seeking out enemies and sniping them from afar.
  • Ninja - emphasis on mobility, is equipped with a double jump -- good for stealth and ambush.

If you missed the Beta, no worries, there is a training mode for new players t jump in and test the abilities to figure out how to wield the magic, melee, and ranged weapons for each character class. If Battle Royale is your thing, and Final Fantasy, and mobile gaming, why not give it a try? It's free to play with loot boxes appearing to mostly focus on seasonal cosmetics.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier releases next month, November 2021, on iOS and Android devices through the official stores for each. Pre-registration for the game will open later this month.